Purchase / Production / Quality


  • Tens of million components bought a year( Printed, component circuits CMS and Trad, assets, passive, switchings, connections)

  • Tens of million components bought a yearManagement of 1 500 references by software of GPAO( Traceability, equivalences, obsolescence)
  • Integration( Sheet steels, parts, mechanics, keyboards, beams, cables)


  • Production controlled in 100 %Testers of our conception and equipments of control (camera, InspectoScan)

Production cards CMS / TRAD / MIXTES

  • Machine of automatic semi Screen printing it ilot(ESSEMTEC SP200-AV)
  • Machine of adjournment(transfer) component CMS 12 000 / HOUR( JUKI KE-2060L)
  • Oven of refusion by convection( BTU PYRAMAX 98A)
  • 30 Posts of assembly( Traversants components)
  • 2 Welding machines in vague Brazing Lead or Unleaded RoHS( SOLTEC delta WAVE 6622CC)