Engineering consulting firm

Design and development

  • Analysis of your project and our technical proposals
  • Audience to the elaboration of the specifications
  • Realization of electronic plans
  • Routing of simple printed circuits sleep and multisleep
  • Microcontroller’s programming in language C and Assembler
  • Drawing of mechanical parts in 2D and 3D
  • Industrialization

Equipments and software

  • Analyzer of spectre RIGOL DSA1030A

(Detection of signals parasites)

  • Digital oscilloscope RIGOL DS6062

(Measure and control of any signals)

  • Programmable supply RIGOL DP1308A

(Generator of continuous tensions with 3 exits independent from 0 in 6V / 5A, of 0 in 25V / 1A and of 0 in – 25V / 1A)

  • Generator low frequency

(Alternative tensions, rectangular signals, traingulaires, sinuzoïdaux)

  • Climatic steam room

(Essays and staminae with thermal cycles)

  • Software of routing (PADS / EAGLE)
  • Software of programming (RENESAS / CYPRESS / MICROCHIP / MOTOROLA)
  • Software of mechanical drawings (AUTOCAD / COREL DRAW)